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By: X. Potros, M.A.S., M.D.

Co-Director, Charles R. Drew University of Medicine and Science College of Medicine

The most commonly used prescriptions are 30 Gy in 10 fractions and 8 Gy in one fraction medicine kidney stones generic 25mg lamictal otc. A systematic review of various dose schedules by Sze and colleagues50 found no difference in pain relief between single fraction and multifraction radiotherapy xerostomia medications that cause order 25mg lamictal overnight delivery. Since fractionation helps lower the risk of spinal-cord injury medicine yeast infection purchase lamictal 100mg online, single fraction radiation is reserved for very sick patients symptoms vitamin d deficiency best lamictal 100mg. A randomised trial51 on different dosefractionation regimens for bone metastases generally did not identify any substantial difference between schedules that ranged from 30 Gy in five fractions to 27 Gy in 15 fractions. However, reanalysis51 suggested that more fractions was associated with improved pain control-a conclusion supported by a non-randomised single centre study by Hoskin. There was no reported difference of improvement in motor dysfunction with three different fractionation schedules that ranged from 30 Gy in ten fractions to 40 Gy in 20 fractions. When large portions of the gastrointestinal tract are included in the treatment area, mucositis with dysphagia or diarrhoea may occur. The spinal column has a substantial number of blood-cell precursors, and patients who have had much of their spine irradiated may develop cytopenia; however, substantial fatigue and nausea are uncommon with standard treatment schedules. Absolute 320 Gy 300 Gy 280 Gy 250 Gy 150 Gy Figure 3: Intensity-modulated radiotherapy dose plan by use of helical tomotherapy for treatment of thoracic spinal metastasis from lung cancer the high-dose zone (red) is shaped in a concave way to avoid the spinal cord. Intensity-modulated radiotherapy this technique is a specialised form of highly conformal three-dimensional radiotherapy that is planned by use of sophisticated computer-based methods and leads to a high degree of control by irradiation of different anatomical regions (figure 3). The possibility of differential doses means that curative rather than palliative radiotherapy can be given. With retreatment of vertebral metastases, intensitymodulated radiotherapy can minimise further doses to the cord while delivering therapeutic doses to the disease. Heidelberg55 studied 18 patients with 19 lesions who were retreated for recurrent spinal metastases by use of conformal radiation or intensity-modulated radiotherapy. All patients had previously undergone conventional radiotherapy and the indication for reirradiation was tumour progression associated with pain or neurological symptoms. After retreatment, overall local control was 947% and 81% of patients had significant pain relief; 42% of patients had neurological improvement and tumour size was unchanged in 84%. No clinically substantial late toxic effects were seen after conformal radiotherapy or intensity-modulated radiotherapy. Up to 25% of patients develop recurrent spinal-cord compression after irradiation, and 64% of patients with early recurrence (ie, within 3 months) have disease within two vertebral bodies of the site of initial compression. They may, however, be extended laterally to include paraspinal masses associated with the compression. Issacson and colleagues56 reported that the dose delivered to the compressing mass could be increased to 68 Gy compared 19 Courtesy of Chester Ramsey Review 737 Gy 702 Gy 632 Gy 562 Gy 491 Gy 421 Gy 351 Gy 281 Gy 211 Gy 70 Gy Radiosurgery this technique refers to the use of a single high dose of radiation delivered by use of stereotactic guidance to a well-defined target volume. Moreover, a steep gradient of radiation is introduced into the surrounding tissue with high biological effectiveness. Radiosurgery is commonly done in two to three courses and needs use of a localisation and immobilisation appliance such as a stereotactic frame. The poor tolerance of the spinal cord to radiation compared with the brain has meant that development of spinal radiosurgery has been slow. Definition of neurological status before treatment is an important predictor of outcome, which depends on: the extent of functional limitation when radiotherapy is started; the tumour type, and the rapidity of onset of neurological deficits. Rades and colleagues62 found that rapid onset of neurological deficits within 48 h in 14 of 57 patients was associated with a worse outcome. No patients showed improvement, 43% had no change, and 57% of patients showed deterioration. The importance of tumour type in determination of treatment outcome is intuitive because some tumours (eg, lymphoma, myeloma, and cancers of the breast, prostate, and small-cell lung) are more sensitive to radiation than others (eg, melanoma and renal-cell carcinoma). The maroon contour outside and to the right of the isodose colour wash is the left kidney.

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Our review focusses on the need for integration with comparative analysis of the two most important models of integration (Fogarty and Harden) which are being followed medicine while breastfeeding cheap lamictal online, delving on their common features for simplifying this complex topic as well as for better understanding of the concept symptoms kidney stones discount 50 mg lamictal mastercard. We conclude that the proposed change from conventional to new integrated curriculum requires robust planning and coordination amongst the various stakeholders in medical institutions medications 5113 generic 50 mg lamictal free shipping. The concept of life or even the whole universe is non-existent without integration treatment programs buy lamictal with mastercard. We cannot compartmentalize our body into various systems or organs, everything in the body has to work in coordination with each other just to stay alive. This is not only true for human lives but also holds true for all kinds of system in the universe- be it natural or man-made. We have given this example of human body just to stress upon the importance of integration in medicine as medical education is all about dealing with human body, its function, diseases and treatment. Shoemaker also defines an integrated curriculum as "education that is organized in such a way that it cuts across subject matter lines, bringing together various aspects of the curriculum into meaningful association to focus upon broad areas of study" [2]. Undertraditional curriculum in India, majority of the medical colleges teach subjects in isolation without much effort to integrate the basic/paraclinical with the clinical subjects. An integrated curriculum provides a platform where learning takes place in a context (contextual learning). There should be development of construction of understanding the relevance of learning basic sciences [3]. In this review, we will discuss, how to develop, implement and evaluate an integrated curriculum. Let us start by reviewing the importance of integrated curriculum and why it is the need of the hour. Purpose of Integration Knowledge is most effective when the organization of that knowledge matches the way in which the knowledge is to be used [4]. It is believed that the current system of medical education is fragmented, the subjects are taught in isolation with unnecessary repetitions and there is no structured or systematic effort to interrelate the concepts of various diseases [5,6]. As a result, it is left to the students to understand or develop the correlation between the topics taught in various disciplines. The knowledge learnt in isolation remains to be applied to a complex system like human body. The basic idea of integration is to develop a holistic approach to treat that particular disease affecting human body. It is true that body is divided into systems and organs but they always work in unison with highest level of coordination possible. Similarly, it is important to have coordination between subjects to understand the body and the diseases better, so that when a student sees a patient, it should all come together. The long-pending demand of students that basic and clinical sciences should be integrated can be achieved with this approach. The students trained with such an integrated curriculum, make more accurate diagnosis than students trained in a conventional curriculum as they learn to apply their knowledge to clinical practice as a result of more contextual learning. It also promotes interdepartmental collaboration and helps in rationalization of teaching resources [9,10]. It was interesting to note that in various workshops conducted at various medical colleges, few faculty members got introduced to each other for the first time; although, they had been working in the same institute for long. Similarly, each and every discipline or subject is important and should also have their identity maintained but never in isolation. It is just like a rainbow where the different colours maintain their identity but are very closely assimilated to showcase their features. In medical curricula also there has to be a balance between integrated teaching and disciplinebased teaching. Horizontal Integration: Integration that occurs across disciplines/subjects but within a finite period of time. For example, integration among subjects of first phase of undergraduate curriculum in India.

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Late-onset lens particle glaucoma as a consequence of posterior capsule rupture after pars plana vitrectomy treatment 5th disease order lamictal cheap online. Delayed presentation of retained nuclear fragment following phacoemulsification cataract extraction medications used to treat depression buy lamictal 100mg line. Clinical features and outcomes of retained lens fragments in the anterior chamber after phacoemulsification medicine interaction checker order 100mg lamictal free shipping. Retained nuclear fragments in the anterior chamber after phacoemulsification with an intact posterior capsule treatment zygomycetes buy cheap lamictal online. Complications of retained nuclear fragments in the anterior chamber after phacoemulsification with posterior chamber lens implant. Sudden macular edema 2 years after cataract surgery due to retained nuclear fragment. Hybrid 20/23gauge pars plana vitrectomy for retained lens fragments after cataract surgery. Intravitreal phacoemulsification with pars plana vitrectomy for management of posteriorly dislocated nucleus or lens fragments. As the disease progresses to advanced levels, patients may complain of poor peripheral vision and missing things in their visual field, eventually manifesting as a slow, painless progressive loss of visual acuity. Due to the slowly progressive loss of vision, patients remarkably may delay consult, presenting with very poor visual acuity in one or both eyes. Thus, the tolerability of intraocular pressure is highly variable among individuals; it can be quite high in persons who do not develop glaucomatous damage and quite low in others who progress to normal pressure disease with visual disability. Findings of pigment dispersion, exfoliation, trauma, inflammation, blood, neovascularization, or lytic or phacomorphic cataract will not be obvious upon observation. Gonioscopically, there will be no anterior chamber abnormalities, and the pigmented trabecular meshwork will be visible throughout. Any other finding is defined by the nomenclature as "secondary" open-angle glaucoma. Damage occurs most commonly superiorly and inferiorly on the optic disc; it may be asymmetric within an eye and is often asymmetric between eyes. Nerve fiber layer hemorrhages ("Drance" hemorrhages) may emanate from the neuroretinal rim of an optic disc, with glaucoma. This technology can be used to quantify existing damage and follow the disease for progression. Threshold automated perimetry will, in many cases, show abnormalities in the visual field corresponding to the structural defects, which may consist of paracentral defects, nasal steps, arcuate defects or variable retinal sensitivities. In some instances, thinning within the macular vulnerability zone is missed by standard 24-2 automated perimetry. In the biomechanical mechanism, intraocular pressure causes mechanical stress and deformation of the lamina cribrosa, which serves as organizer of axons of the ganglion cells that form the optic nerve. Mechanical compression of the nerve head occurs early enough to be considered a primary pathogenetic event in glaucomatous damage. This scenario leads to an overall stiffening of the inner wall region modulated by transforming growth factor-/connective tissue growth factor signaling. This activates the enzyme nitrous oxide synthase, which leads to the formation of nitrous oxide, a destructive free radical that induces oxidative stress and cell death. While this excitotoxicity phenomenon is well-considered to be part of the pathogenesis of glaucoma, it is unclear if it is a direct participant or an epiphenomenon of glaucoma. Conversely, there will be patients who may not show progression for a considerable amount of time, even without treatment. Once treatment is initiated, a target pressure is often chosen to guide ongoing care. As thin corneas have been shown to be a risk factor for disease development and progression, pachymetry is also necessary. Once the initial evaluation has been completed, tests will be repeated periodically to monitor disease stability or progression. Fixed combination agents (brimonidine/brinzolamide, timolol/dorzolamide or timolol/brimonidine) offer two agents in one bottle to ease use and enhance compliance. Laser trabeculoplasty will initiate a thermal or biological alteration (depending upon the type of laser and wavelength energy used) in the trabecular meshwork to enhance aqueous outflow. Laser trabeculoplasty can be used in conjunction with topical therapy or may be employed as a first-line alternative to medications. Global prevalence of glaucoma and projections of glaucoma burden through 2040: a systematic review and meta-analysis.

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