Stance on Grouping of SCs

What is the stance of Lok Satta on grouping of SCs?

This is a complicated problem. We need to unite the downtrodden classes to fight for their rights. But we cannot overlook when some of them allege that those who are in a somewhat socially advanced position are reaping most of the benefits. Overlooking this would nullify the whole basis of reservation. We have to think rationally and adopt a three-pronged strategy:

  1. We need to invest huge resources for providing the most backward sub castes with good primary and higher education.
  2. At least for some time, we have to organize the SCs in all the southern states into groups as done in the case of the BCs. Dividing the two groups population wise is like cutting them into two parts. Instead, we need to do justice to both the groups. For instance, if the SCs are made up of two groups A and B, 55% and 45% respectively, we could allot 45% of the total SC reservations to group A and 36% to group B and keep the rest open to both categories.
  3. We need to give importance to the most downtrodden of the lot in higher education, training, and employment.

It is reprehensible to rabble rouse between the two communities and sit back and watch. Instead, Lok Satta Party is committed to working towards enabling such mutually acceptable and win-win solutions.