Health for All

Our public health system and preventive care are in disarray. As a consequence, lakhs of families are experiencing severe financial and emotional stress. There is a high reliance on out-of-pocket payments for health care, which is imposing disproportionate burden on the poor and many of them are falling below poverty line. Further, lack of quality maternal and child care is contributing to high infant mortality rate.

Lok Satta government guarantees high quality health care for all. A citizen can exercise his right for quality health care at any hospital (public or private) and the government will bear the expenses. Lok Satta government's health care policies will ensure that families will no longer have to worry about which hospital to access, and how to generate resources in case of an illness.

27. Quality Health Services

  • Lok Satta government will guarantee
    • All Primary Health Centers will work round the clock.
    • They will be equipped to deal with deliveries and other emergencies
    • 30-100 bed-hospital for every of 75,000 people
  • MMR vaccines to all infants to protect from these diseases.
  • Every district will have a super specialty hospital. In order to access quality health services, patients will no longer have to travel outside the district.

28. Free and Universal Health Care to All (Aarogyaraksha)

  • A patient can go to any government hospital or accredited private hospital of his/her choice and get free treatment and Lok Satta government guarantees a Health Card for this purpose.
  • All expenses for diagnosis, in-patient care, operations and medicines for in-patients will be borne by the Lok Satta government
  • Everyone can access high quality health care for wide range of illnesses such as malaria, heart diseases, maternal care, typhoid, stomach pains and so on.

29. Public-Private Partnership in Health Services (Ubhayatarakam)

  • Along with government hospitals free health care facilities can be availed at small private hospitals and clinics
  • Standardization of costs and protocols for patient care. Hospital will be reimbursed the costs of care every month based on the patients handled and standard costs
  • Patients will be free to visit the hospitals and doctors of their choice, and the money will follow the patients to the best doctors and hospitals.
  • Private doctors can use the facilities of government hospitals.