How the Party is Different?

How is the party going to be different?

This is a very important question. We cannot hope to bring in a new political culture just by voicing slogans about it. We have to practice what we preach, within the structure of our own party and be the change that we want to bring into politics, in general.

We have to concentrate on two issues:

1. How we organize our party and run it.

2. What will be the party's policies and how we empower people towards achieving the objectives? What targets we aim to achieve through our actions.

We have taken the following steps for addressing the above two issues.

• The Party is organized in a completely democratic manner right from the village level. Leaders will be elected by voting through a secret ballot. We have evolved our own constitution to abide by and our own independent mechanism that will organize internal elections periodically in a fair and objective manner.

• All decisions to be taken in a democratic and transparent manner.

• To preclude the possibility of dictatorship rearing its head at the top level, the top level leadership should be elected on the widest possible basis. We need to be extra careful in electing the top leadership as it affects the morale of the whole party.

• Provisions are made in the party constitution even to recall elected leaders if necessary, especially the top leadership.

• Candidates for elections will be selected not in the name of the party high command, but by members of the party or by representatives of the party through secret ballot.

• To accept donations only in the form of checks. To use the funds for lawful activities. Otherwise, we too will become a part of the problem.

• When it comes to the day-to-day work of the party, we should take up only those issues that are relevant to people's lives. Politicians should not use public forums to cause inconvenience to ordinary people by bringing their lives to a standstill or to clean their dirty linen.