Policy on Subsidies

What is the policy of Lok Satta on subsidies?

Subsidies are necessary in some areas to ease the life of the common man. The problem here is: There are only limited economic resources at the command of the government. The money that the governments in our country are spending is mainly the money taken on loan from various sources. They have to spend this money judiciously for various programs and needs.

For example, the common man is spending out of his capacity for the education of his children. So the government can come forward and allocate funds to make quality education free. In the same way, health. But it is ridiculous to think of providing television sets to people as has been done by the DMK party in Tamilnadu even as the people have no access to basic amenities like toilets. These kinds of subsidies are detestable.

In the case of subsidies like one kilo rice for two Rupees and free electricity, we have to make the process more efficient to avoid wastage of resources and to see more people benefiting from them.

We have to adopt constructive policies to decrease expenditure on unnecessary subsidies. Unfortunately, subsides have become a tool in the hands of petty-minded politicians to be used for electoral gains.