What does Lok Satta Party emblem Signify?

  • The Party flag shall also serve as the Party logo.
  • The flag shall be in the form of a rectangle of dark blue colour and bearing a pure white circle, centered in which shall be a five-pointed star of the same colour as the rectangle. The dimensions, relative spatial arrangement and colors of the flag shall be as prescribed.
  • The dark blue colour symbolizes the vastness, depth and inclusive nature of the ocean in which all streams finally merge.
  • The five-pointed blue star signifies that the Party sets its course by the twinkle of the distant star, and not by the lights of passing ships. The five corners of the star stand for the five pillars of a true democracy:
    1. Liberty
    2. Self-governance
    3. Citizen empowerment
    4. Rule of law and
    5. Self-correcting institutions.
  • The white colour of the circle stands for purity. The colour symbolizes unity of purpose and action amidst the diversity in religion, region, caste, language and beliefs.