Surajya in Towns and Cities

In our cities, basic amenities, such as clean drinking water, proper sanitation, roads and other public services, are in decrepit condition. Absence of quality public transport, traffic problems, land grabbing, settlements, illegal constructions, theft, and kidnappings have ruined city life. Lok Satta party will focus on these problems and usher-in good urban governance.

12. Guaranteed Civic Amenities

To ensure quality living conditions Lok Satta government will guarantee:

  • Clean and safe water supply (you will not need to depend on water bottles from private suppliers).
  • Stress-Free public transport (public transport as convenient as private vehicles, and far more affordable)
  • Quality Sanitation (no more heaps of garbage and contaminated water)
  • Ward government for local services (people will not have to run around government offices)
  • Citizen Charter for all public services (accessing services without becoming a victim of corrupt practices)

All Municipalities and Corporations will get an additional Rs 1000 per-capita every year. For a population of 1 lakh, the municipality will receive Rs. 10 crores as an additional grant. Similarly, for a population of 10 lakhs, the corporation will receive 100 crores as an additional grant.

13. Establishing Ward Governments

  • Lok Satta government will guarantee an elected ward government will be created for every ward. Rs. 500 per capita will be granted by the Lok Satta Government to each ward government to immediately address the needs of people.
  • Special programmes to ensure basic amenities in all low income localities of the city/town.
  • Direct people's participation in ward governments to ensure quality water supply, maintenance of roads, drainage, street lights, and sanitation.
  • Comprehensive Citizen Charters with strict penalties for delays.
  • 24 hour call center to receive and act on complaints on public amenities.

14. Quality Public Transport

  • Lok Satta government will guarantee a dependable and efficient public transport system.
  • Lok Satta government will ensure expansion and improvement of road network in the cities.
  • Strong public transport to reduce fuel expenses and usage of private vehicles. Public transport to be made convenient and easy.
  • New Flyovers, ring roads, by-pass roads in cities to reduce traffic congestion.

15. Lok Satta Party's 'Bharosa' for Lowering Crime

  • Lok Satta government will guarantee rigorous measures to combat crimes such as theft, robberies, and kidnapping. Lok Satta government promises safe cities for all.
  • Lok Satta Government will operationalise Community policing.
  • Residents of colonies / mohallahs will be active partners in crime prevention.
  • Caste and Communal violence prone areas will be identified and preventive measures will be instituted. Any such violence will be ruthlessly curtailed.