Join and Support

Join and Support the New Political Culture . Today! Overcoming the many challenges that India is facing is eminently feasible. But we need your financial support; While Lok Satta Party will need only a fraction of what traditional parties spend for their campaigns and elections, we still have to raise significant resources to mount a credible challenge and convert public good will into vote. Making financial contributions and raising resources is critical to transforming the present political culture. Ethical politics needs ethical resources. As you are well aware, Lok Satta Party ensures total transparency in raising and deploying funds. All expenditure by LSP and its electoral candidates will be strictly within legal limits and used only for legitimate campaigning purposes. The partys audited annual financial statement of accounts is released to the public and displayed on our website.


You can make a contribution to Lok Satta Party from any where in the world:

  1. Online, using a credit card
  2. Sending in a cheque or  Electronically transferring funds to Lok Satta Party’s bank account. 
  3. You can also use this facility to easily set up recurring contributions from your bank account to LSP's account.


Lok Satta will be the first mainstream Indian political party to raise and deploy funds in a fully transparent manner, as per the letter and spirit of the law.

  • All contributions to the party are fully exempt from income tax under the Indian law (Sections 80GGB and 80GGC of the Income-Tax Act (1961)).
  • There is no legal limit on individual contributions and Indian citizens, wherever they live, can contribute to Lok Satta Party.
  • All contributions to Lok Satta Party will be duly acknowledged with a formal receipt and tax exemption documents. The party will fully comply with the legal disclosure requirements.
  • All active members of Lok Satta Party will contribute a fixed percentage of their annual income to support party activities.