Economic Empowerment of Women

What are the steps to be taken by Lok Satta for social and economic empowerment of women?

Just like caste and economic status, gender has become a ground for discrimination. Perhaps it is the broadest and most severe of all discriminations. It is the basic policy of Lok Satta to see that no child will face discrimination based on the chance of birth. As part of this, Lok Satta will catalyze concrete outcomes in four important areas:

  1. Education and health:
    • Every girl to have access to free and quality education and healthcare irrespective of economic means and background.
    • Toilets to be constructed for every home to protect the dignity of women and to ensure good health and hygiene.
  1. Economic:
    • All families without fixed assets to be provided with land with urban facilities that has good scope for rise in value.
    • Ensuring equal wages irrespective of gender.
    • Sale and public consumption of liquor to be strictly controlled.
    • Women belonging to self-help and micro finance groups to be provided with the necessary skills and training and exposure to marketing facilities.
    • Increasing the incomes of poor women.
  1. Social:
    • To ensure protection against domestic violence by providing accessible justice and family counseling centers.
    • Fast track courts to ensure speedy justice.
    • Young women to have access to counseling in health and marital issues.
    • Women moving to cities for better educational and employment prospects to be provided with secure and comfortable boarding.
    • To ensure safe environment without sexual harassment for women inside and outside of home and at workplace.
  1. Political:
    • Women candidates and winners of local body elections to be given adequate training.
    • To take definitive steps towards guaranteeing adequate representation of women in legislatures.