Removing Regional Disparities

There are serious regional disparities among different states of our country. Similarly, we have regional inequalities among different regions in a state. Even in a district there are disparities among different mandals. Fruits of development are not reaching all people equitably. If these disparities are not addressed immediately, then they may generate friction among various sections of the society with tragic, undesirable, and even violent outcomes.

Lok Satta government will strive to remove disparities at various levels and will take immediate measures to ensure sustainable and balanced development of all the regions.

48. Removing Disparities in Regional Development

Lok Satta government will take cognisance of people's perception on the existing regional inequalities. To remove these inequalities, Lok Satta will work within the framework of the constitution and will take the following immediate measures:

  • As per Article 321 D of Indian Constitution, Regional Boards with necessary legal powers will be instituted to remove regional disparities in the state by the Lok Satta Government. Further, establishment of District Governments and allocation of funds on the basis of development indicators is guaranteed.
  • Lok Satta Government will duly implement all agreements, legislations and government orders that have been formulated so far to address the regional inequalities in the state. District-wise budget allocation will be done.
  • Lok Satta government will appoint an independent commission to examine water allocation among different regions and its recommendations will be fully implemented.
  • Growth corridors comprised of education zones, agricultural zones and industrial zones will be operationalised for the rapid development of backward areas in the state.
  • There will be strict restrictions on usage of productive agricultural lands for non-agricultural purposes. Permissions for non-agricultural usage will be granted only after the farmers have been guaranteed a better life.
  • Usage of natural resources for the development of tribal areas. A guaranteed share for the tribals in the income generated from the use of natural resources.