1 Citizens For Public Accountability - Comparative Statement - 2011-04-16
2 Dr.Jayaprakash Narayan Budget Speech March 11, 2010.
3 Dr.Jayaprakash Narayan in Assembly about Women's Reservation, 10-03-2010.
4 Dr.Jayaprakash Narayan about Power Sector in Assembly, 17-03-2010.
5 Dr.Jayaprakash Narayan Budget Speech Aug 4, 2009.
6 A Note on Representation of The People  (Ammendment) Bill,2002.
7 Alternative Bill for Enhancing Women's Representation in legislatures
8 Civil Society and Governance
9 Constitutional Review - Overview of Key Reform Sectors
10 Citizen's Initiative in Elections
11 Continuity and Change - Parliamentry Reforms
12 Corruption and Citizens
13 Draft legislation for local  Government Electoral Reforms
14 Democracy, Populism and Free Lunches
15 Election Reforms
16 Electoral Reform Goals
17 Election Watch Manual
18 Empowering of Local Government's - A Lok Satta Report
19 Energy Sector Reform and Governance
20 Empowering Women and Reinventing Politics
21 Electricity Sector
22 Ensuring a Healthy Future
23 E- Governance - From Vital to Real
24 Ethics - A New Form of Offences
25 Federalism and Coalition Government - An Indian Experience
26 Federalism and Local Self Governments in India
27 First World People and Third World Politics
28 Indian Media - Great Power and Greater Responsibility
29 Indian Police System - AReform Proposal
30 Indian Elections - Campaign Finance Reform
31 India Crisis and Oppurtunity
32 Judicial Reforms
33 Governance Reforms, Development and Civil Society
34 Indian Constitution - Past Experience and Present Concerns
35 Liberty and State
36 Local Courts Draft Bill
37 Local Courts - An Idea Whose Time has to Come
38 Lok Pal and Prime Minister
39 Making Democracy Work for Poor
40 Need to Usher in a New Political Culture
41 Office of Profit
42 Policing in India - Challenges of Future
43 Political Reforms and Economic Prosperity
44 Political Parties and Indian Democracy
45 Popular Sovereignty vs Responsible Government
46 Reforming Higher Education in India
47 Right To Information
48 Reform Goals
49 Tackling Corruption and Promoting Accountability
50 Suggested Agenda for Administrative Reforms at National Level
51 Suggested Agenda for Administrative Reforms
52 The Prevention of Corruption  Ammendment Act,2009.
53 Womens's Reservation Bill - Remedy Worse than Disease
54 Property Tax Booklet
55 Note on Agricultural Crisis In India - with special reference to paddy in AP
56 Paddy Prices In AP And Karnataka
57 Note on Lokpal and Lower Bureaucracy
58 Note on Lokpal Conduct of Legislators in the House
59 Note on Lokpal Judiciary (June 2011)
60 Note on Lokpal and Prime Minister (June 2011)
61 Dr.JP's Presentation on 19th Century Politics - 21st Century Economics
62 Dr.JP's Speeches in Assembly (Book in Telugu)
63 Development in Kukatpally - 2011 (in Telugu)
64 Lok Satta Party @ 5 (In Telugu)
65 Lok Satta's Petition on 2G
66 Supreme Court Judgement on 2G
67 Amendements to Grievance Redressal Bill 2012-02-07
68 Amendments to CVC Act 2003 - Draft 2012-03-15.pdf
69 Electronic Delivery Of Service Bill-2011.pdf
70 Grievances Redressal Bill - 2011.pdf
71 Grievances Redressal Bill - Draft 2012-03-15
72 Representation To Parliamentary Standing Committee on Grievance Redressal Bill - 2012-03-15
73 Dr.JP's Letter to the Prime Minister on National Judicial Commission
74 Letter by VR Krishna Iyer, JS verma and MN Venkatachaliah to the Prime Minister on National Judicial Commission
75 Joint Views of VR Krishna Iyer, JS verma and MN Venkatachaliah on National Judicial Commission
76 Lok Satta's Petition on GM Crops
77 Lok Satta's Report to Sri Krishna Committee
78 LSP Amendments to AP Reorganization Bill - 2013
79 AP Regions Profiles
80 Dr.JP's Letter to Speaker on AP Reorganization Bill
81 Dr.JP's Letter to the President of India on AP Reorganization Bill
82 Lok Satta Party's Amendments to AP Reorganization Bill sent to the President of India
83 Notes on Amendments to AP Reorganization Bill
84 Lok Satta Party Manifesto for Municipal / Corporation Elections - 2014
85 The Cruel Dilemma of Political Reform (Dr.JP on Alliances)
86 Kukatpally Development by Dr.JP - Pamphlet
86 Telugu Tejam by Dr.JP


Surajyam Magazine - Edition 5
Surajyam Magazine - Edition 4
Surajyam Magazine - Edition 3
Surajyam Magazine - Edition 2
Surajyam Magazine - Edition 1
Internal Democracy in Political Parties
Our Proposal For Lokayuktha and Right to Services
Surajyam Proportional Representation
Surajyam Activity Schedule
Surajyam Goals
Surajyam Pamphlet - 1
Surajyam Pamphlet - 2
Surajyam Prathigna
Surajyam Presentation
మెరుగైన సమాజం కోసం సురాజ్యం నిర్మిద్దాం by Dr.JP
అందరికి ఎదిగే అవకాశాల కోసం సురాజ్య ఉద్యమం by D.V.V.S.Varma
Andhra Pradesh New Lokayukta Draft Bill - 2012 (English)
Andhra Pradesh New Lokayukta Draft Bill - 2012 (Telugu)


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