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Hike in Budget capex an excellent move: Jaya Prakash Narayana

Dr Jaya Prakash Narayana, founder and General Secretary of Foundation for Democratic Reforms (FDR), on Friday said that increase in capital expenditure in the recent Union Budget 2022-23 was an excellent move. Speaking at the webinar on 'Post Budget Analysis 2022-23' organised by World Trade Centre Shamshabad & Visakhapatnam and National Institute for Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (ni-msme) here on Friday, he said that the central government massively increased capital expenditure allocation by 35 per cent to Rs 7.5 lakh crore in 2022-23 'which is a positive thing for from the Budget The fiscal discipline seen in the Budget shows credible efforts from the Modi government. The Budget has also made tax compliance easier. 

The emphasis from the government to manage problems in urban clusters is a welcome move, he said. Mentioning the points which could have included in the Budget to fight poverty, he said: "The government did not take any effort to create credible healthcare system. Nearly 60 million people in India are pushed into poverty due to lack of robust public healthcare infrastructure. 

We all know that India's strength lies in its pharmaceutical and vaccine sector, all we need is to leverage this strength. India also needs to develop a universal healthcare system to fight the poverty." According to him, India needs to strengthen its dispute resolution mechanism, criminal justice system to gain confidence of people particularly the business community in the rule of law. "The Budget could have focussed more on small town growth. Lack of rural development makes people to migrate, pushing them into the fold of urban poverty. India needs to reimagine its villages, encourage village economy, build infrastructure in small towns to stop migration," he pointed out. 

Enumerating challenges that lie ahead, he said: "Privatisation is a big challenge and there is a need to reshape the debate surrounding privatisation. We also need to rediscover the purpose of government- a government that fails to deliver better healthcare and education is failed government". 

He underline the need for a legislative framework on the lines of Fiscal Responsibility and Budget Management Act, 2003 (FRBM) to control unproductive subsidies being showered on people by politicians to get votes. Dr Tada Prabhakar Reddy, development economist; Ramdev Bhutada, Co-Chair, Direct Taxes Committee, FTCCI; Sudhir VS, Chair, GST and Customs Committee, FTCCI; Uma Reddy, MD, Hitech Magnetics & Electronics and Dr S Glory Swarupa, Director General, ni-msme, spoke in the webinar. Bose K Nair, president, WTC Shamshabad and Visakhapatnam, moderated the discussion. 


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Welfare first leads to disaster: Jayaprakash Narayan

"If we put welfare first at the cost of public order, justice and rule of law it is a disaster. It is ridiculous that's not what human society is about. We don't need a government for that; a charity will take care of it", Dr Jayaprakash Narayan, general secretary, Foundation for Democratic Reforms (FDR), observed here on Monday. 

Delivering a talk on 'Role of State in Public Service Delivery' at GITAM Deemed to be University, Hyderabad, he made it clear that, 'collecting taxes and distributing money is a third rate government act. These don't end poverty, don't promote equity nor enhance human dignity; only give votes to them; some temporary palliative of people'. 

"The government that does not enforce the rule of law is perpetually exploiting poverty. A government that does not build infrastructure of quality and create basic amenities accessible to people is degrading society. Because they are forcing us to lead inhuman lives. We can't even drink a glass of water without contamination. It's a disgrace", he asserted. "A society without quality education and quality healthcare cannot prosper. It is good for both the individual and society. If you don't promote that opportunity to everybody society languishes", JP cautioned. 

How to reorient the whole power structure and notional power differently? There is a purpose to serve and they are failing in that purpose, Dr JP noted while expressing dismay. Earlier, Sridhar Pabbisetty, founding director, Kautilya School of Public Policy, welcomed. Prof. N Siva Prasad, Pro Vice-Chancellor, felicitated Dr JP.



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